Album Review: Mac Miller – The Divine Feminine

Pittsburgh native Mac Miller recently released his fourth album, The Divine Feminine, and while its title might make one think he is appealing to the feminist characteristics of the female population, he chooses to relate to them in an entirely different way. In his previous record GO:OD AM, there are a number of themes that revolve around love and its many forms as it applies to females. In this new journey however, Miller unveils a world of smooth bedroom talk that some will find overwhelming, and others will factor in as his best work to date.

A symphony of emotions erodes the mind as Mac Miller’s soft vocals in “Congratulations” begin. Serving as the welcome mat in the doorway of The Divine Feminine, “Congratulations” foreshadows topics that will be touched throughout the album (love, sex, and loss), yet makes it initially difficult to perceive what direction the album is going in as a whole. This confusion is swiftly masked by the underlying curiosity that grows with each passing song and makes the album worth a listen.

As if he is probing you to continue to listen to the album (not that he would even need to), “Stay” and its illustrious background vocals depict a vivid sensual experience that leaves Miller’s listeners hungry for every track that would follow. As the album proceeds and the emotional residue mounts, it is bound to spill over after hearing both “Cinderella” and “God Is Fair, Sexy, Nasty”. Enlisting the help of Ty Dolla $ign and Kendrick Lamar respectively, these tracks by far mirror the peak of the many sentiments one will exhibit throughout the entire album.

Miller is often misinterpreted because of his previous works, yet he happens to be one of the most dedicated artists in the music industry. His ability to float in and out of a variety of sounds (and content) is what distinguishes him from other artists. Admittedly, a number of musicians experiment with different genres and contexts of music, but not all are able to master the art of it. Mac Miller has found a method that works for him, and this is displayed throughout the entire album. Each passing song blends perfectly with the one that precedes it, providing the illusion that it never ended. The Divine Feminine as a whole is one cohesive work of art that flows perfectly together.

With the album coming together the way it does, it highlights the themes of interconnectivity and intimacy that Miller aimed to get across in this journey. Bedroom talk in itself is not always just “talk”. Miller uses it in an effort to portray an aspect of himself that people are not aware of, and bring out this same aspect in others. In this way, it is easier for people to feel together when they listen to this album while envisioning themselves closer than ever before as the each passing song comes to an end.

In regards to any other work of art Mac Miller has released, he seems the most comfortable in this one as he embodies the essence of everything he believes in while finding a way to project these same values on to others. The Divine Feminine is worth every listen from start to finish.

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