HAKIM Drops Soulfully Backed Track ‘Merciless’

Nebraska Native rapper ‘HAKIM’ hails from a place most people don’t expect a rapper to come from. Coming from the capital city Lincoln, he has a big obstacle to face: A virtually non-existent Hip-Hop scene. But tracks like his newest offering ‘Merciless’ should shed some light on him. The track features a violin led soul sample, backed by HAKIM’s very tight and concise verses, shedding light on his perspective on the world around him, as well as the rap game he’s apart of. Tight lyrics, an earworm of a beat, and a hell of a story, HAKIM is a name you should look out for. If you want something that is aggressive yet focused at the same time, he’s the man for you. Plug in, and tell us what you think!


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