Preview: Rolling Loud SoCal 2017

Entering its third year in the festival ranks, Rolling Loud has gone from its home in Miami, Florida to making a pit stop in the Bay Area, and now for lucky SoCal natives, is making its way to San Bernardino’s NOS Events Center Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th. The stacked line-up features headlining sets from Schoolboy Q and Future respectively, accompanied by hip-hop favorites like the Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, and Rae Sremmurd. The line-up also features newly added names Jaden Smith and Lil Xan, with an additional special tribute set for the late Lil Peep in place of his previously scheduled appearance. Given his influence on the music industry and fans everywhere, the tribute will make for one of the more memorable moments of the entire festival

If that is not reason enough to attend, where else could you see Young Thug, Future, Post Malone (andy many more) with ticket prices starting at $89? Purchase yours here: http://www.rollingloud.com/socal/

O N E S  TO  W A T C H


Jaden Smith

As if he was not already exuding brilliance in music, fashion, and society in general, the debut of his new project Syre is a crowning example of why Jaden Smith should be held with higher regard in the music industry. Fresh off of tour with Blackbear and Fall Out Boy, you can guarantee that he will be bringing that same energy that spilled out in stadiums across the country to the stage here at Rolling Loud. Confident, yet humble all the same, his performance is one that you will not want to miss.

Lil Uzi Vert


Even given the mixed reviews with the release of his album Luv Is Rage 2, Lil Uzi Vert is undoubtedly a face (and voice) in hip-hop that has been able to stand the test of many trials that have been affecting the hip-hop community lately. Given the countless memes and use of his famous shoulder shrugs as reaction gifs, he is a personality that people with an interest in any genre will continue to adore. His blending of the indie/punk scene into his own flavor of hip-hop will see a diverse attendance at his set, with the added number of people dying to see those shoulder shrugs in action.




Those that thought the release of Culture would be the year of Migos were wrong by far, as the flames of support that surround the Migos have yet to be contained. While we still await the release of their follow up album, the wait has not ceased to be sweet due to the release of numerous tracks from “MotorSport” to “Peek A Boo” that continue to reign in. Migos is forever for the culture, and Rolling Loud is the perfect place to experience that.


Lil Xan


There are without a doubt plenty of “Lil’s” to go around, but there is nothing “lil” about what Lil Xan continues to bring to the table. If you have yet to hear a Lil Xan song, you will want to do your research before his set, and even if you fail to, his energy will be enough to make you wish you did. His prodigious versatility and the levels to the Xanarchy movement are just the beginning of why he resembles the kind of artists we live for here at The Plug Society, so if his set is not already on your radar, you will want to change that soon and very soon.


Dave East


Although we all have our own way of categorizing rappers, lining those rappers up with Dave East will usually see him unmatchable when it comes to his verses. Quick and clean with his rhymes, East has been rapidly climbing the charts with songs like “Phone Jumpin,” “Perfect,” and with his features on A$AP Ferg’s latest album Still Striving. His talent is often overlooked, but like the brilliant curators they are, caught the attention of Rolling Loud Festival.


Rae Sremmurd


As young as they are, Jxmmi and Swae Lee have set the tone for a new wave of hip-hop for quite some time, and arguably given us one of hip-hop’s greatest anthems of the decade, “Swang.” Even with their numerous club hits, they too display the kind of versatility in their music that helps to keep their sound alive, doing it somewhat silently all the way through. The two men know how to put on a show, and it will be a pleasure to watch them take the stage on Sunday.


Lil Peep Tribute Set


I could not write the most appropriate statement about Lil Peep even if I tried. Peep delved into his own area music and was so comfortable there that he could take hints of his own musical influence and breathe into it something that his fans would then turn to, as he did the music that he turned to. He entered those dark places and made art out of them, and there is just so much more that you wish you could hear him say. We miss him, and we could never say that enough, never display enough, and Rolling Loud will be one of those safe places where we get another chance to showcase our love for him. Here is where you will want to be.

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