Flatbush Zombies Announce ‘Vacation In Hell’ Album

New York trio and breakout stars Flatbush Zombies took to twitter on Wednesday afternoon to announce that their sophomore full length LP titled ‘Vacation in Hell’ will be released to the world on April 6th, 2018. We haven’t heard much out of the group for about two years since the release of their debut project ‘3001: A Laced Odyssey’, aside from 2 loose singles. Their last project divided some fans, some thinking it lacked some fire, others loving the druggy and slower pace they took on the album. The title ‘Vacation in Hell’ suggests something darker, maybe even religious, akin to their breakout mixtape ‘Better off DEAD’. We even got a tweet from beat mastermind Erick Arc Elliot saying that he worked hard on this album as well as his upcoming beat tape, also adding that he’s really proud of the work he did on the upcoming album, citing it to be maybe his best work yet. This is really exciting to hear if you’re a fan of theirs, but we’ll reserve judgement until the official release. Tell us what you think! Will this album propel FBZ into the spotlight, or sink their hype train? Let us hear your thoughts!

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