Plug Picks: Four Artists to Keep an Eye On

Cam O’bi

For a long time, the name Cam O’bi had been foreign to me until introduced to me by one of his fellow musically talented friends, Smino. A very behind the scenes kind of personality, Cam O’bi has easily been the driving force of a number of big records for a number of household names like J. Cole, Isaiah Rashad, and Chance The Rapper. In addition to his talent as a producer, O’bi himself acquires a lyrical charisma equivalent to the people that he works with. He is a huge part of the revival of what the root of R&B and Soul has always been, along with Smino. So naturally, they come together on one of my favorite tracks, “TenderHeaded” and tear it apart.


Good Intent

Where could you even begin when talking about this guy’s track record? Discussing it would make it appear as if he has reached some end, his peak even, but Good Intent has made it evident that he is just barely getting warmed up. Producing an overwhelming amount of his own music, taking full control of creative direction and writing his own music, he truly does it all, and with expertise. Not to mention, he has worked with countless artists and continues to drop hit after hit; among those his EP¬†Onodera Valentino¬†which easily surpasses the product of what a lot of other artists have dropped so far this year. His talent and abilities are endless, and yet, he is easily one of the most dedicated artists in the game continuing to work at and better his craft without leeching onto anyone else. When we speak of artists that you do not want to pass up, Good Intent is a no-brainer, creeping to finish line.




The preeminent RLA has slowly surfaced into the music scene producing a lot of his own records, and infusing those records with eerie vocals. While he has not released an abundant amount of tracks, each progressive one blueprints the narrative to which he is unveiling to his listeners. The underground music scene has many faces, and RLA’s is one of the many that embraces this scene, yet follows his own direction. His latest track, “Tear U Apart” resembles that and more.


Lil Dude

Lil Dude is yet another obvious choice when it comes to an artist you should be listening to sooner rather than later. He has released several projects over the span of his career thus far, each one seeing him evolve as an artist and still staying true to who he was when he began making music in the first place. As it proves to be thematic in this industry, some of your favorite artists are introduced to you by one of your other favorite artists; this being the case for me in terms of learning about Lil Dude from Good Intent. In this Good Intent produced track, Lil Dude absolutely murders this flow lyrically and melodically, making him one of my favorite names on this list.

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