Plug Picks: Lil Cobaine, Trevor Daniel, Lil Boii Kantu, & FRVRFRIDAY

Lil Cobaine

Lil Cobaine is one of those artists that seem to be very involved everywhere. He has been spotted with Quavo, and has records with 24hrs and an unreleased track with Ty Dolla Sign. On every track he has a very smooth sound, yet he also infuses it with the upmost energy. One thing I particularly like about LilCobaine is that while he is very connected behind the scenes, he isn’t flexing in your face 24/7. He lets the music do the talking, and it’s beginning to sound very loud.

Trevor Daniel

Trevor Daniel has an airy atmosphere about him, and his songwriting is impeccable so it is only right we included him in our list this week. His catalogue has many tracks that will astonish you, but most recently he released “Face It” which has already gained 25K+ streams across all platforms. It continues to show his true artistry, as he completely created the track from scratch. His melodies will have you wishing for more and the way he uses his vocals as an instrument will keep you hitting replay. Trevor is on a path to build up a long lasting fan base if he can keep it up.

Lil Boii Kantu

Lil Boii Kantu has been one of my favorite artists to watch grow as of late. He first splashed onto the scene with his “Big Wavy” video which was produced by Rojas, but he has plenty of other songs to show he is more than a one hit wonder. He can play guitar, and is heavily influenced by early pop punk. Kantu has his complete own style that ranges from somber-like vocals to nearly yelling peaks. In addition to this, he carries a swagger with him that can be seen simply through scrolling his social medias. It will be exciting to see where he ends up.


FRVRFRIDAY is a mix between R&B and rap and he is absolutely killing it right now. He recently released a project WHOISFRIDAY which really shows off who he is. On his project he moves between fast-paced, auto tune vocals and ambient sounds with each increasing track. FRVRFRIDAY is the type of artist where if you like one of his songs, you will probably love them all. His aesthetic is very interesting as well and continues to help him stand out from the crowd.

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