Plug Picks: Ronen, Kill.Zero, Scum, & DC The Don


Ronen is a rising Texas artist with a lot of potential. We recently highlighted his friend, Lil Dusty G, when they dropped their “Burn” video, but now it is Ronen’s time for the spotlight. Recently dropping off his “One Night Stand” video, Ronen continues to display his balance of a smooth voice and perfect, soft R&B. And through observing his social media, it is clear to see that he simply lets his music speak for itself.



Kill.Zero is filled with passion and aggression, but also has a softer side to him. The differences shine between songs like “awe you dun fucked up” and “18,” where he displays his great versatility. His biggest song features Juice WRLD, but Kill.Zero is able to stand alone as an artists as well without the need for co-signs. While not too much is known about him, what is known is that he is creating some great music and the world is excited to see more.


Scum is one of the most prominent artists rising out of the emo/trap scene, and rightfully so. On most of his tracks he takes a somber approach, but occasionally on songs like “i got,” he exhibits more of his pent up aggression. One of the many things that makes him so attractive as an artist is that he has a very unique way of mixing his vocals. Each track a perfect mesh, and the vocals always sound like they were meant for the beat. Be on the lookout for more from Scum coming up!

DC The Don

DC The Don is an emerging young artist out of Chino Hills, CA. He has gained attention due to his affiliation with the Ball family, but that is certainly not the reason why people are really starting to take notice. In his music, he exudes raw emotion. Whether he is rapping on a beat or singing melodically like in his latest release “All Alone,” he always does a phenomenal job of communicating his words. In the coming weeks, DC The Don is set to release his biggest hit today with “GMFU.” Stay tuned.

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