Plugged In With Unghetto Mathieu: The Positive Atlanta Artist On The Rise

You may have heard of him from his recent single “23” with Lil Yachty, but Unghetto Mathieu has been building up a steady fanbase for over a few years now. With his many hits such as “Gang Up” and the “My Shyt” remix, Mathieu is gaining steam all across the country. On all his tracks he carries an upbeat, positive vibe accompanied by heavy energy. We got a chance to talk with the rising Atlanta rapper in our exclusive interview.

What drew you to the name “Unghetto Mathieu”?

I just feel like growing up, it was a common misconception that getting big and taking over your hood is lit. Many people grow up so infatuated with the idea of running the block in their hood that they forget it’s a whole world out there of many different cultures to influence. I’m trying to reach [people] world-wide and take the world by storm. Plus, I grew up in a ghetto neighborhood of hood kids, so I definitely didn’t fit in. The name fit me perfectly and I ran with it to this day.

Are there any other musicians or entertainers in your family?

Yeah, my blood brother, King Imprint, is a well known YouTuber and entertainer that started this journey to stardom with me at our earlier ages. Together we hit 1,000,000 million subscribers on his “King Imprint” YouTube channel as we released viral videos day by day. To this day we still link up, and my passion for music intertwines perfectly with his passion for dancing.

What did you buy with your first big check?

I blew my first big check of a couple bands on studio time, some clothes, and my first big music video for my first mini-breakout single, “Gang Up.”  Basically I just invested in myself. You gotta do that stuff if you want get somewhere… Got to.

What do you think hip-hop will sound like five years from now?

Honestly I don’t know cause the sound of rap just changes so frequently and what was poppin’ can become “old” in months. However, history repeats itself and people go back to find sounds that were used before to mix with the modern sound. I think rap right now is at its peak dynamically so there’s no telling.

How has the Atlanta scene influenced your sound?

The Atlanta scene has definitely influenced my sound with hella 808s and adlibs. My crazy adlibs and irresistibly contagious, happy-trap beats have been instilled into my sound by none other than my peers in Atlanta.

Building on your inspiration, do you have any other external sources?

Yuh! I do dance, but dancing was never really my passion, although I do have fun when doing it. However, I ain’t stupid. I used the dance wave to build a core fanbase and network with notable artists so that when it was time to let my wings fly, my path would be way easier than others. Work smarter, not harder.

With “Gang Up” being your breakout hit, how has that helped move your career forward, and has it changed the way you make music?

It helped a LOT of people open their eyes and stop sleeping on me. It helped push my career forward as I popped up on the radar of radio stations and beneficial organizations like Fresh Empire. It changed the way I make music ‘cause I trust my instinct more when it comes to putting out a hit. When I was in the studio and Danny (engineer) played the song back for me and I felt a tingly feeling that said “this is a hit,” it suck with me. Whenever I feel that same feeling, I have full satisfaction in a song. I didn’t try to hard with that song either, so it helped me just let things flow.

Let’s talk about your latest track “23” with Lil Yachty. What did the creation process entail and what was it like working with Lil Yachty?

So a while back as Yachty was rising in his path to superstardom, I hit Yachty and his team and we went back and forth about a track. He sent a verse to this song I sent him, and made the song, dropped it, quickly hit 150,000 on SoundCloud, then deleted the song. For some reason I just felt the timing wasn’t right, and if I build my own name before dropping this song, it could be Mathieu and Yachty’s hit, not just a hit song by some guy feat. Lil Yachty. I gained much higher popularity and touched the song up and dropped a promotional video on my Instagram that gained lit feedback. I dropped another teaser on my Instagram that hit 1,000,000 views in less than a day! That same day, I dropped the song, and the rest is history.

I noticed “23” just got added to Spotify’s “Most Necessary” playlist. How does it feel knowing that your song is being played at parties all across the world?

It literally feels like “How?” I know how but maybe i just didn’t expect people and celebs/athletes from all countries around the world to be sending me long paragraphs and videos dancing to MY song. It’s amazing. Even Fortnite saluted me in my Instagram DM for the rise of “23.”

Would you say that you aim to have your music carry an optimistic tone because you are an optimistic person, or is it a result of something else?

I’m definitely an optimistic person, and it falls over into my music. I think about my music being lit in the future and not just at the moment, and I try to push positivity too, you digg? It’s fire. Vroom vroom.

Moving forward, do you have any projects in the works that you would like to let us know a little bit more about?

For the future it’s just crazy big things. My highly anticipated single “Let U Go” can drop any day, and I have a not yet titled EP coming soon with lit songs featuring awesome peer artists like Ugly God, Kodie Shane, and more. The beats on the project were cooked by some of my faves, including Honorable Cnote, TM88, & Cheeze + 30Rock. This project has the catchiest of hooks and the most intriguing of sounds, and is sure to shake not just my city, but the world!


Thanks to Unghetto Mathieu for talking with his and make sure to follow him on Instagram here.

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