Plug Picks: Four Artists You Should Know

Lolo Zouaï

Parisian powerhouse Lolo Zouaï has been making waves in the music scene for quite some time now, her music graced with soulful melodies and a touch of her Parisian roots here and there. The R&B songstress has garnered attention from Spotify, Zane Lowe, and has even written for artists like H.E.R. Before taking off on tour, Zouaï gifted to fans her latest infectious hit, “Desert Rose.”


While we have yet to unmask the eccentric duo, Darci is back with yet another smash single to follow their previous releases this year. Although there are no faces to the music, the duo has certainly added a new face of variety to the R&B underground scene. Following their tour with Lil Xan, Darci has steadily been gaining more of a well-deserved fan based to receive their smooth, elusive hits. Check out their latest release, “On My Own” below.

Oliver Francis

Oliver Francis may not be foreign to the underground scene, but his name is definitely worth mentioning in this week’s edition of artists you would want to get to know. His flow is unlike most artists that he is thrown into the same “categories” as, and as opposed to most of those artists, Francis is arguably one of the few who laid the foundation, or at least helped mold it. His voice is typically layered over unique piano melodies that fit his voice in an oddly beautiful way. Francis was first introduced to me by an unmatchable group of friends, and foremost, the amazing Conor Hurley. Sabado Savages until the end.


Julius is simply the epitome of a true artist. From his vocal range, to his crafty lyricism, to his given instrumental talent, he embodies it all, and he does it with grace. He first fell onto my radar being featured on gnash’s “daydreams,” with the release of his song “Disappointed,” and then simply by showcasing his talent while on tour with gnash. Julius carries on his shoulders the character that you would wish for in one of your favorite artists, and it is absolutely an understatement to say that he is not getting the attention that he deserves.

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