Plugged In With Scum: The Emerging Talent Out of Texas

Scum is a budding artist out of Texas who is continuing to build a name for himself and grow his fanbase. Developing a love for music early, a lot of his music sounds were influenced by early punk bands. However, his ability to maneuver in and out of genres is effortless. Recently releasing an EDM infused song and announcing a few tour dates, we got a chance to talk with Scum about Super Smash Bros, his favorite people to work with, and more. Plug in below!


The music industry can be a tough fight, so what initially drove you to make music?

I have always loved music since I was a kid but I remember I became friends with this kid named Nick and we had a lot of the same music interests (metal core/post hardcore). We started a band with other friends and this band was terrible but it was some of the funnest moments of my life. I quit and then stupid tried to kill myself cause I thought if I wasn’t in the band I’d have no more friends and that I would never make music again (dumb childish mentality). Then I found Soundcloud and was amazed at how you could just upload music for free and just put something out the same day. I started as a rapper but it was so bad and this dude told me I sucked which made me so upset and sad that I stopped rapping and tried singing and now here I am lol.


Speaking of fighting, I hear you play a good bit of Super Smash Bros. Which game is your favorite and who is your main?

I have played every single Smash Bros since I was a little kid with my friends and we get stupid competitive to the point of yelling/screaming/shit talking etc., so we continue to this day playing everytime we hang. The main characters I use right now are villager, king dedede, and toon link!


Whether it’s filled with game play or not, most people fuel up for their day to day on caffeine and yet you are addicted to water. Is there any advice you would like to pass on to some of our fellow water drinkers?

I used to drink so much alcohol and eat so I was like obese with no energy. All I did was eat, drink and nap during the day. I eventually was like damn I am fat as shit and I’m not even cute smhhhh so I started eating healthier, stopped drinking alcohol and now only drink water. It’s honestly so lit, I would say try to remove all liquids from your life other than tea and water and see how much more alive you feel!


Now moving on, how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

I would describe my music as trash low key… but idk I guess as “lost” core cause I have no idea what I’m doing I just make what I like.


You have mentioned before about your love for the band Title Fight. Can you touch on their musical influence and the emotional attachment you have to them?

I love Title Fight so much, they are one of my favorite bands of all time. I think shed and floral green are two of the best albums of all time. They have such a good sound to me and I love their lyrics. I relate to their songs so much!


I think you could agree that lately your music has taken on a more energetic twist, so how do you balance making music that is somber one day and then more upbeat the next?

I used to never try anything other than really chill ambient shit but then so many people started doing that too and I felt boring so I was like man I don’t wanna be a one trick pony, so I just started trying different things and realizing not only could I do it, but it was actually fun trying new things and trying styles I actually like. I listened to everything growing up from techno, to rock, to metal, to rap, to dubstep, to alternative, to electronic, etc. I never liked listening to just one thing cause it makes music boring.


With a plethora of releases, you have seemed to work with a lot of people that are making a movement within the “emo trap scene.” Who are some of your favorite people to work with and what is your relationship like with them?

My favorite people to work with are reaper (producer), we make the best songs together and we always make something really emotional and special to me. I also love working with 93feetofsmoke he is one my favorite lyricists and his voice is 1 of 1 high key have the biggest music crush on him. I love working with fats’e, he is one of the most talented people in the scene right now cause he plays all his own guitar (not basic pop punk chords) like mans is actually fire and has the cleanest mix. Lil Lotus but we haven’t worked in awhile, he taught me about harmonies and pushed me to not just be okay with monotone singing and try different things. supachefm who is one the most talented kids I have ever met, has some of the best melodies and some of the most emotionally driven songs and it’s just so fire to me that he doesn’t listen to bands at all lol. notmorgn/guccihighwaters he was one of the first people to ever send me free beats and we made some of my best songs together. He works so fast and is so clean with it. He does vocals now and they are so good he definitely deserves all the love he is getting. Shinigami is also really fun to work with but the only song we have done so far is in spanish lol but he is really hard working and makes music so fast and keeps breaking every box people put him in. And last but not least gertrude, he is the meanest most loving man ever and is really talented but lazy, but we have been making a lot more together and he started doing vocals and is low key going hard.


How do you like to release your music? Are you the type that likes to put a lot of thought into the rollout or do you just create the song and then drop it when you feel like it?

I plan terribly when it comes to music. I just wait till I make a song I am really proud of and then drop the song. The only thing I guess I plan is waiting a week to 2 weeks before every drop.


Who are some of your favorite artists right now (including producers)?

long list but right now my faves are: osno1, fifty grand, 93feetofsmoke, fats’e, eric north, gertrude, aleksia, kaiyko, dementia, supachefm, dylan brady,  wtchcrft, foxwedding, reaper, martensite, 4evr, tax purposes, and lil lotus.


What type of stuff can we expect from Scum in the future?

I am gonna start trying to do more shows, music videos soon, lots of music with friends! Also expect to drink a lot water, randomly cry on twitter, persistently look for girl who will choke me, spit in my mouth and love me. Oh and probably make a fool out of myself lol.


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