Plug Picks: 10Cellphones, Lil Xelly, 93FeetofSmoke, Jesus Honcho


Out of Charlotte, NC, 10CellPhones is an artist bringing a completely unique style to the table. On songs like “Too Busy,” he shows a laid back, heavily underground influenced vibe. In a previous interview, he mentioned that he grew up listening to Eazy-E, Pro ERA, and Method Man, but once he got older, he started being inspired more and more by the internet wave of GBC, SeshHollowWaterBoys, and others in that realm. 10CellPhones has not popped off completely yet, but we expect if he keeps up his own wave that he will shortly.

Lil Xelly

Xelly is one of the latest out of the Soundcloud scene to be buzzing. Dropping a slew of fire visuals in the past few months, Lil Xelly’s visual game is just a compliment to his ever-growing talent. Coming out of Rockville, Maryland, Xelly boasts a braggadocious style and effortless flows on all his singles. While he has  not had too much major coverage as of yet, it seems like that is the only thing standing in his way between him and a large fanbase. (hey this one was hella fucking well-written)


93FeetofSmoke is literally my new favorite artist. Blending rock/rap effortlessly, he could just as easily be the frontman of a band. If you have seen any of his numerous videos, you know he has the image, and appears to always be calm yet full of rage at the same time. Sounding like an odd blend somewhere between the band Knuckle Puck and the artist Corbin, 93FeetofSmoke is one of the most intriguing voices one could come across. His recent EP 6 Speed is something you need to hear and is absolutely phenomenal as well. Be on the lookout for more from him in the coming months!

Jesus Honcho

Although Jesus Honcho’s song blew up before, it certainly had not come across my radar before the video dropped. His latest video for “Infatuated” premiered on ELEVATOR and it is simply outstanding. While he only has 4 songs released, each one shows his creative vocals that appear smooth, yet keep up with his energy at the same time. I would not be surprised in the slightest to see Jesus Honcho as one of the next artists to blow up quick.

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