Plugged In with Olloway: New Name, New Vision.

Vancouver-based duo Olloway settles into a new name and has seen a new ream of successes following their first few single releases, and now, their debut EP Haunted. Haunted explores a realm of emotions following a couple’s narrative that ends in them drifting. Plug into our interview with the duo below as they address the EP, their transition into a new name, and more!

In what ways does Olloway differ from your previous name FKYA?
Olloway feels more like who we are now whereas FKYA felt like who we were in college. FKYA began as a party/dj project and we feel that as we matured we wanted our music to grow as well into music that means something to us.
When did it click for you two that you had to undergo a change?
I think it progressively happened. The more we wrote original music, the more we felt the need to change the brand, as FKYA didn’t really fit anymore.
What obstacles do you feel you have had to overcome musically to watch this change happen?
Instead of getting toplines sent to us, we had to write our own and sing them ourselves. We both have taken a lot of time to work on our voices as well as our instrument ability in order to make the music we love. Permorming as a band is a lot more demanding than performing as a DJ and it’s something we are working hard at.
What would you say reassured you two that transitioning into Olloway would pay off?
Nothing. We just had to follow our guts and do what we feel is right for us.
How would you depict the music that you are making to people who have never heard it before?
We make indie pop/rock produced electronically. Imagine if your favorite band did all the production work in the studio.
How does this recent EP release embody that?
The Haunted EP combines electronic production with organic components that were written and performed by us.
Do you have a favorite song that came off of this EP, and why?
Brett: My favorite song is Haunted because it’s the first time I wrote a song knowing that the subject of the lyrics would hear it.
Paul: My favorite is probably August, just because it was the first step in our new direction.
What is the Vancouver music scene comprised of?
We spend a lot of time in the studio and I think with today’s generation, more is done online than out in the world. Vancouver has a variety of awesome DJ’s, Producers and musicians.
Do you guys see yourselves ever making the move to the states?
We’re Canadian through and through but we could see ourselves living in New York or LA. As much as we love Vancouver, the majority of the industry lives in those 2 cities.
What does the rest of the year look like for you guys?
We are working on writing a second EP currently, and would like to start working on an album before the year is over. We are also developing our live show so we can perform all this new music.
Is there anything else that you would like to share with our readers?
Thanks to everybody who has supported us by listening to the EP or reading this article! We love to talk to our fans, so please feel free to DM us on instagram @ollowaymusic and we’ll make sure to get back to you 🙂

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