Butch Dawson Puts Forth An Amazing Effort With New Album “Swamp Boy”

A recording artist who has laid the foundation for and elevated Baltimore’s current rap scene, Butch Dawson is a rapper/producer and the creator of “Basement Rap” a collective/movement he started with rappers and creatives from the Baltimore scene. An unconventional artist who thinks outside the box, Butch is a fascinating artist. He can spit over just about anything rapping over alternative rap tracks, smooth sands and thunderius bass. He’s been put out several projects over the years but his new release “Swamp Boy” is arguably his most anticipated project yet. A beautiful body of work that expresses the broadness of his musical repertoire “Swamp Boy: is filled with dope bars and engaging production.

Origonally released as a single “Feel Nobody” still stands strong as a phenomenal track that is a thrill to listen to thanks to a pounding adrenaline pumping beat and a mean flow that’s right in the pocket as his energetic voice hovers over a cold, heavy musical mix. Butch gives us the rundown on “Division St. Blues” painting a vivid picture of his existence and thoughts through crisp imagery

Speaking from a higher plane on “Liberation” he unravels with line after line of introspection and reflection as he liberates his thoughts in a calming tone over a smoky instrumental. Then, getting together with the gang, “Faucet” is an ominous sounding posse cut where Black Zheep, Tracksmith, and Butch come together. On this song, Zheep comes in with a smooth verse and Butch spits one of his dopest verses on the entire tape as he rips it with a commanding voice and powerful lyrics that express just how mentally resilient and driven he is.

Choice cuts aside this is a strong project from start to finish. Butch is in prime form as a rapper and producer. With dextrous flows and interesting sounds, “Swamp Boy” is an ambitious effort that delivers with great music that’s worth a repeated listen.

Stream “Swamp Boy” below

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