Festival Preview: Outside Lands 2018

Approaching the end of the summer finds us coming up on new and improved line-ups for some of our favorite festivals, and come this weekend, you will find us cruising through the crowd of this year’s Outside Lands music festival at Golden Gate Park. With last year being its tenth anniversary, one might think there is no possible way Outside Lands could top all of the charisma it brought to its attendees, and that thought of course, would be wrong. This year’s line-up not only features headlining sets from artists like none other than Janet Jackson and Florence + The Machine, but also features appearances from spectacular talents like The Internet, Billie Eilish, and Daniel Caesar.

Not only will it have its usual art-flustered atmosphere, but there will be new attractions including: GrassLands – A 21+ cannabis-based area meant for both fun and education, as well as a Bubble Tea Party. There will also be a Clear Bag Policy implemented to increase safety and the speed of admission into the venue that attendees for this weekend can read all about on the Outside Lands website!



Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish has showcased time and time again that she is a force to be reckoned with in both her music and her performance. While she acquires both a lush sound and emotional lyricism, her performance shows you what it can really make you feel. Every person is entitled to their own emotions, as are her listeners, but the way she loses herself in a song and delivers constant energy provides yet another way that to channel those emotions. A method that that can bring forth power.


Any occasion that allows you to see Pharrell in action is reason enough to attend. N.E.R.D dropped No One Ever Dies last year, and while it was highly praised, it is hard to sum up in one statement what this album meant to music in general. There were components of this project that broke typical genre barriers while still savoring the sound of hip-hop, all done by some of the most brilliant minds to enter this industry and continuously challenge it. It is an understatement to say that it will be an honor to watch this group take the stage.

Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County is known for his out-of-the-box appeal, genuine character, and of course, collaborations with artists like Tyler, The Creator. He is one of the names that suits the Outside Lands atmosphere almost perfectly, and it would not be surprising to see him draw out a large crowd in the afternoon. Be sure to take a tissue or two to this set, and don’t fear falling in love.



If you are truly looking to fall in love in the middle of this beautiful park, then Cuco’s set is one you will not want to miss. Even if you aren’t his soft sounds will bring forth some hidden nostalgia and make for quite the experience. As Outside Lands looks to expand its representation, it takes a step in the right direction by adding Cuco to this list.


SOB X RBE will without a doubt bring some of that Rolling Loud flare to Outside Lands. They are one of the most hype/sought after groups in the industry right now, and their performance will be one of, if not the craziest of the day. Hip-hop needed a group like this, and SOB X RBE delivered.


We were looking forward to watching him take the stage at Tropicalia but unfortunately he had to cancel, so it’s not a surprise that GoldLink makes our Anticipated Performances list. When he takes the stage, GoldLink creates a vibe a runs with it. This can be done without “Crew,” but you better believe when the beat drops on that song, all of Golden Gate Park will want to be in attendance.


Hot Flash Heat Wave

This Los Angeles favorite just announced they will be hitting the road with Hunny and The Frights, who are also both solid bands, and will make for back to back sets of sheer bliss. Until then, we are certainly looking forward to this performance by Hot Flash Heat Wave at Outside Lands this weekend. It is not very often these days that you come across an LA-based band that can pull off being from Los Angeles and come out with their dreamy, unique style. They will put forth this energy and more during their set, and you will not want to miss it.

The Internet

Last, but certainly not least on our list is none other than The Internet. Each individual in this group has pursued their own separate careers outside of their last album, Ego Death, and came together to work on their latest release Hive Mind as they have stated in interviews that it has now felt like a more collective effort. With such unbelievable talent that composes this group, it makes sense that they had to filter through their own separate careers, and now we have an album that is in large part a fraction of each of its members. The Internet embarked on an international tour that ended about a month ago, and have now announced a North American tour to go on-sale tomorrow. For those lucky enough to watch them hit the stage this weekend, The Internet will make the festival expenses worth the price.


  • Bring a blanket! (you can sit in the grass and still enjoy the music)

  • Bring an empty water bottle and STAY HYDRATED

  • Pack a small bag

  • If you plan to eat, bring enough money (festival food can get expensive).

  • Come ready to have a good time!

Follow this link for a full list of what is and is not allowed into the venue.

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