Outside Lands 2018 Interview Series: Dermot Kennedy

Making his way already through a number of festivals and finding himself up next in our Outside Lands Interview Series is none other than Dermot Kennedy. Get to know the soulful singer in our brief chat with him after his performance below!

So you’ve played a handful of festivals this year, how has Outside Lands compared?

Really cool! Probably the coolest field to look out on to be honest.

How do you typically prepare for an experience like this [as I can imagine it can get pretty overwhelming]?

We’ve been doing so many gigs and touring for a while now, so once you’re in that rhythm it’s pretty easy stay on top of it.

This without a doubt isn’t your first time hearing this, but the amount of soul that you have rooted in your vocals is just astounding. Where does it stem from?

I don’t know really. It’s very natural, I’ve never tried to sound that way. Whenever I write a song, I try to be as honest as possible, and I just know that I can go there lyrically and live in that moment that I’ve experienced before. Going back and feeling those feelings is just organic to me.

Tell me a little bit about your experience working with Mike Dean.

My favorite way to collaborate with people is on production. To kind of see what he brings to a project is incredible, it takes it to a new level easily.

What essentially drives you to keep working in such an unpredictable industry?

It’s so inspiring to see people singing the words back, but I’m just driven by my passion to do it regardless. I would still do this if nobody listened.

The first few songs I put out, it was kind of like nobody cared, but I still do it because it’s for me. Now, I’m in a scenario where quite a few people seem to care, so I’m trying to balance between doing things that people like and doing stuff for me at the same time.

What comes next for you after today?

Recording whatever is going to exist before tour probably for the next month or so, so it’s all going to be really exciting.

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