Outside Lands 2018 Interview Series: Mikky Ekko

First up in our interview series for this year’s round of Outside Lands is none other than Mikky Ekko. His incredible performance to open the festival did not disappoint, and neither does his outright welcoming, refreshing presence of energy. Get to know a bit more about the incredible artist in our brief interview with him at the festival below!

How are you enjoying the festival? What was it like being one of the first people to take the stage on opening day?

I know it would have been a different show had we had headliner production, but what’s really awesome is that this is my first Outside Lands fest, and I feel like if you’re the first band of the entire festival [regardless of how it will translate] you do have the ability to set a vibe for people, which was really special to me.

What prompted you to play this festival as opposed to maybe playing some other show or simply relaxing? In other words, what draws you to Outside Lands?

I’ve got a lot of friends who really love this festival, and when I found out who else was playing, I saw that it was a stacked line-up. I want to start playing at a lot more festivals, so that was a huge part of it for me too.

I think it’s safe to say that you have been a little more lowkey on the social media front. What have you been up to lately?

Do you want real talk or fake talk?

I’m all for the real talk!

I’m focusing on new music with other artists, other bands, and it’s really all been about the music. I do love connecting with fans, but socials in general I just get frustrated with. I’m at a place right now where I feel like I’m making the best music I have ever made, and I feel like there is something special I want to be able to give younger artists, and that’s something I’ve really been focusing on.

Your sound has truly had this progressive evolution in the sense that you almost sound like a different artist, and you are able to pull off a number of different styles. From you beginning early in your journey to your most recent EP Advance Copy, what has this journey entailed for you?

The journey at the end of the day begins with one word for me: trust. I just feel like as an artist it’s important to draw from shit that you’ve been through. I’m aware of the changes that I need to make for shit to manifest. Sometimes it’s really about me exploring and making stuff work; as an artist I see myself as someone more fluid and that’s helped out a lot.

When you find yourself at a standstill, what typically helps to clear your mind?

I’m always moving, so I don’t really find myself at a standstill.

Your energy is certainly something different in this industry. What keeps you leveled? And how do you decide when and when not to let certain factors influence you?

The only thing that matters is who you are. If you don’t know who you are, then write it down, continue to ask yourself questions, and you’ll find those answers.

What comes next for you after today in terms of music?

I’m performing back home in Nashville, then at Life Is Beautiful in Vegas, and for the record, I’m actually very good at blackjack.

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