Plugged In With 9Tails: The Hardest Working In Toronto

Rising out of Toronto is rapper 9tails, an extremely talented artist that has a wide array of sounds among the massive amounts of music he puts out. With upwards of 20 different releases in the past 4 months, including albums, EPs, and singles, it is hard to deny his rare talent and work ethic. At any moment, he can display slick lyricism or melodic vocals that create a one of a kind vibe. His most recent project, combo breaker, explores his hometown, loved ones, and heartache. We got the chance to talk about his influences, what his future may look like and more. Plug in below and read more!

Tell us about yourself. Who is 9TAILS and how did making music come into play for you?

My real name is Miles and the name 9TAILS was a result of a Naruto binge a few years back. A lot of people think it’s the pokemon and I totally forgot there was a 9tails pokemon until I got a few dm’s about a year back and honestly I searched it up and it looks cool as fuck so I’m totally cool with that idea. I started actually making music when I was 17 or so. I had been playing guitar and covering songs years before but I hadn’t really written anything down. My best friend Damjan AKA Swaine had introduced me to Soundcloud in high school and that’s when I started writing songs.


Who are some of the artists you grew up listening to versus who you are interested in now?

I was raised on a lot of classic rock so for a period of my life that’s what I was kinda banging. Once I started learning about more music and everything I really got into ska-punk bands like Mustard Plug, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Planet Smashers, Big D and the Kids Table, Reel Big Fish and all that. My favourite band of all time would have to be Streetlight Manifesto, even though I’ve kinda stopped listening to ska-punk and punk. Around 17 I really started getting into rap and early 2000’s r&b haha. To be honest much hasn’t changed from then other than the fact I’m really peeping what’s being put out mainstream this year. I think so far like Swimming, Scorpion, Astroworld, Slime Language 3, Memories Don’t Die, My Dear Melancholy, and probably a few others stay on heavy play for me. 2018 been a year and a half.


You are probably one of the hardest working artists I have come across recently. Was it always easy for you to translate your passion for your craft into your work ethic, or did it take time for you to grow into it?

Thankyou! I really appreciate that yo, and to be honest, I guess I don’t actually know. I just love making music really. I’d come home from work and stay glued to the computer making beats, writing lyrics, recording or something like that. Nice uber eats McDonalds and a couple drinks and it’s a blessed night. So far it’s been a really fun experience.


Building off of that, you have been really busy these past few months especially – multiple albums, an EP, and a handful of singles to go along with it. Has anything particular inspired you lately that prompted all of this material?

Honestly, I think the summer weather has something to do with it. Everything comes to life around you and I feel as though everybody picks up some sort of energy from that transition to warm weather. A lot of later nights, better vibes, and all round inspiration for me to create more.


Can you talk a bit more about one of your more recent projects, combo breaker? And if there is one thing you want listeners to take away from it, what would that be?

Combo breaker, despite how small it is, is probably my favourite body of work I’ve made so far. The process of making a self produced project was so foreign to me and, as I went in thinking I’d make an 8 song project or something, I ended up taking a lot longer than I had expected on individual songs. Controlling every angle of how a song plays out was an amazing new concept for me and I ended up trying to learn and perfect everything I could within the 3 existing songs. When I finished them, I felt as though I had made exactly what I wanted to make going in, regardless of the size, and decided to put it out.  As for what listeners take away, I want it to remain completely subjective.

In terms of your sound, your music touches a wide range of them, so would you say that you aim to keep experimenting or could you see yourself nesting in one sort of vibe?

I think only the future can tell. I love experimenting with somewhat different sounds, but I enjoy visiting some more than others and I could definitely see myself enjoying one to the point of producing only that. Ultimately, whatever I’m having fun making will be what I end up making, and right now I’m totally comfortable.

Is there a song you have made recently that means a little more to you than the others?

I usually am really feeling songs when I track them so normally they all mean roughly equal to me. Recently, I guess the song “miles” would be the most meaningful to me. It mainly touches on the idea of trying to move on from one stage in your life to another and witnessing the pullback from a variety of sources in the process.

What can people expect to come from you next?

Next move I would say would be a ton of singles, maybe a project, and overall, most likely the same amount of content as the last few months.

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