Plugged in with Aries: An Artist Cutting Through California’s Dense Scene

Out of California comes an uber talented artist, Aries. From production through vocals, his performance is clean and very enjoyable. After releasing a slew of incredible singles these past couple years, his popularity has skyrocketed. It’s most likely due to the unique sound in his music, it doesn’t fit perfectly into a specific genre, but excels in any of them it could be placed in. With such high quality music and only a bitesize worth of material to enjoy, we’re anticipating for massive things for him in the future. Plug in to get a glimpse of Aries!

When did you begin making music and what inspired you to get started?

I began making music forreal when I was 14. Me and the homies used to smoke in the gutters and pull up random beats to freestyle to them. I was never that good but it was cool. I wouldn’t say that’s the one thing that inspired me to start, but was definitely the thing that got me to record myself doing it.


Going along with influence and inspiration, who were some your favorite artists to listen to growing up?

Linkin park, papa roach, system of a down, three days grace, lil wayne, kid cudi, kanye, MF DOOM, aesop rock to name a few haha idk this question always fucks me up.


I noticed that you have a very big fan base with more than solid numbers, yet you don’t have the same amount of material out as some of the other artists that do just as well as you. Is that because you are more or less a perfectionist with your craft?

I’d say so, ya. I wanna make music that’s perfect to me or else I’ll be unhappy with what I put out. I used to put out whatever in the past only to end up taking songs down cuz they didn’t sit right with me.


Going off of that, it seems like every one of your songs is meticulously sculpted to your liking and there are very little outstanding flaws in the production or vocal quality, but would you happen to have a personal favorite song you have put out?

Hey thank u. And yes my fav is GENIE.


In terms of vocals and production, do you think one is more important than the other, and which would you say that you enjoy more?

They’re both the same to me. If I’m making a song, my voice is basically just another software instrument. Like I don’t think of them as two different beings.


Apart from music, you have a YouTube channel that is pretty unique and quite popular. Is that something you plan on continuing to do even as your popularity increases?



Your most recent release, “Sayonara,” was incredible and received very well. Were there any differences in creating that song from some of the other tracks you have released?

Thank u. I mean there’s differences in the working processes of all my songs. i don’t have a set routine/template when I wanna start something. For SAYONARA, I actually made the song in a night and came back to it a month later to really wrap it up for release.


Is there anything you want to share with our readers?

These were nice questions.



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