Ilham: 41-10 is an Amazing Body of Alternative R&B music

A Queensbridge native of Morocan descent ilham is an Alternative R&B singer-songwriter with a captivating sound that can be heartwrenching, bold, beautiful and expressive. Since the beginning of 2018, she’s been on the rise releasing some stellar singles with “say less“, “none of your friends business“, “last night” featuring Dave East and some dope covers of “Ric Flair“, “KeKe“, “Unforgettable“, and “Drip“. After blessing us with an influx of amazing music, her album “ilham41-10″ is finally here and boy does it deliver as an impressive body of work.

Touching on heartbreak, love, relationships, and insecurities “41-10” is an enthralling listen from start to finish. Consisting of previously released singles that come together to tell a compelling story of tumultuous love and self-introspection. This ten-track effort is layered in nuance and emotion as Ilham bears it all reflecting on some of her darkest moments and most meaningful epiphanies.

Stuck in the storm clouds of loneliness and stress. Ilham battles to hold it together on “suppress” as she vocalizes her need to escape and forget the pain that’s been weighing heavy on her heart on this freeing track she starts to let go of her pain. Tied to “suppress“, “stuck in the past” further expounds on what that track started as she learns to come to terms with how her past relationships have damaged her at this point she begins to put together the pieces but is still lost in love.

One of her strongest tracks on the tape,
“I don’t wanna be with you no more” is a melancholy masterpiece with a bright and bold exterior, soul bearing lyrics and scorned vocals that ring loud and clear. On this heartbreak anthem from the vocals to the words to the message, Ilham puts it all together. The project concludes on appropriate fashion with “we’ll be alright” stronger wiser, and more self-sufficient rides things out feeling more confident the before assured of her future and proud of herself.

This album is well worth a listen with its sharp songwriting, entrancing vocals, and emotional content. It’s an audio journey through love and heartbreak, disorder and peace.

Stream “ilham: 41-10” below

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