Jay Portal & DBLCRSS’ “Hell Is Where The Heart Is” Can’t Be Missed

Jay Portal came across my radar this morning, and I was immediately blown back by the sounds he portrayed. Teaming up with DBLCRSS for the entire project, the two create an amazing listening experience from the get go. If you listen to the album straight through, on the first song you’ll think you’re in for a whole project of aggressive screamo music. However, the tone quickly changes on the next record “Too Hot”, where he shows off an up-beat club ready record. The rest of the project follows suit with songs sounding more like “Too Hot”, but he still keeps every song unique with exciting hooks and creative flows. DBLCRSS plays a big role in the project as well, as he produced 3 records on it, and mixed the entire thing. While this project is a little over a month old, if you haven’t heard it you absolutely have to visit it. Plug in below!


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