Myles Cameron Gets Personal On “Picket Fences”

Coming out of Westchester NY, Myles Cameron is a 21 year old all encompassing artist who debuts on our pages today with “Picket Fences”. Currently at Yale, Myles Cameron has different dreams than most of his classmates. While they’re busy studying and preparing to be doctors and lawyers, Myles is practicing recording and penning more music. While he’s been working on music for a long time, he’s only within the past two years really started to become very connected with his craft. This song touches on his Suburban roots, where he often felt uncomfortable in his own skin. Coming to come to love his own identity, Myles says “Picket Fences was a hard song to write in that it required me to really confidently take ownership over an identity that I haven’t ever wanted to have and that always made me feel isolated growing up. As soon as it was tracked though, I knew we were on to something. The sound and themes of it have become a cornerstone for the rest of the mixtape that I’m currently working on.”





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