Stream J.O.Y’s New Project 0/UYU”

Hailing from Aschaffenburg, Germany, J.O.Y is a new age R&B artist with a sensual sound who has been building up momentum over the past few years releasing several projects with “A.W.A.K.E.N.”, ” J.O.Y. x The Catabolics ~ Vultra” and “Between The Hours” bodies of work which showcased his transparency packed lyrics and nocturnal sound. He proceeded this latest full-length album with two singles “Lyke That” and “fashion killa” an elegant groove produced by NEONBEATS and he’s now back with a new 12 track offering.

“O/UYU” is a lowkey project with an intoxicating sound, alluringly smooth melodies and vocals that are delivered in a seductive half-whisper that can easily morph into a firm address. Throughout this emotion, love and lust fueled journey J.O.Y. opens up about his personal life and background giving vague glimpses of who he is and things he’s experienced. Sometimes delving into introspection he chases love, sex, and success.

With a Weeknd-ish vibe, the introductory track “Los” is a lunar lope through self-reflection as he tries to come to his senses and center himself. This tune is enjoyable yet grim with a melancholy mesh of sounds which feel like a dreary dream.

Heartbreaking and direct he opens up on ‘Lure” singing over a lush and layered instrumental that’s rich and deep with a beautiful, airy vibe. Pondering on the validity of his inner thoughts he battles with his heart, soul, and gut feelings.

A reference to an infamous story arc from the anime series Haruhi Suzimiya, “Endess 8” produced by Beebs is a sweet and full melody on which he lets his infatuation be known as he reveals his desire to acquire the apple of his eye confessing his love with sincerity and acceptance.

A subversion of what has become a musical trope particularly in Hip-Hop and R&B where it’s fairly common to slander and degrade groupies as an unwanted inconvenience J.O.Y delivers a genuine love song that chronicles an intimate night with a groupie. An encapsulating story of fleeting love, strong longing and temporary satisfaction “O/UYU” is a soothing listen from beginning to end.

Stream “0/UYU” below .


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