Krimelife Ca$$’s Pulls You In With “What’s My Name”

Krime Ca$$’s newest music video for his song “What’s My Name” perfectly embodies his vibe. Krime Ca$$’s style of music creates a dark and eerie vibe for the listeners and is surely different. He shows the dark side of the game of drugs through his lyrics and music. Mixing in ambient production with the trippy music, Krime Ca$$ creates a awesome piece of substance for the viewers and listeners to tap into to.

Out of NYC, Ca$$ has been on the come up for a little now, and his music is grabbing a lot of people’s attention, and mixing in a few music videos helps his listeners visualize the lyrics and see the true embodiment of the meaning behind his songs. Using his lyricism to his advantage, he dips into the dark worlds of drugs with the visuals. Check out this video below.



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