On His New Tape, Safe, 9TAILS Aims For the Next Level

By dipping into rock-styled, trap seeming and emo tinged worlds, 9TAILS is able to truly show off his power as a musician, while expanding the audiences he can reach through his sound. On the brand new tape, Safe, which plays as anything but that, finds the Canadian alt-rap songster continuing to take his approach to different places throughout the 12 tracks of the this exciting showcase. While at times the project slows, overall the tape gives off strong examples of 9TAIL’S strengths as a lyricist and an artist with his eyes, and ears, focused firmly on the future of rap as it stays shifting and evolving forward. This mindset is most evident on two stand-out tracks: “leaves”, a more emo/pop leaning song that is hypnotic in essence, and “lotta guns / wont get reviewed”, which exists in a much more head-bopping world. Both songs demonstrate the way that diversifying sound will always be the best way to grow as an artist. All in all, 9TAILS is a definite artist to keep on your SoundCloud streams as he continues to work towards his breakout moment.


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