Rapper Big Pooh’s lyrically filled track “Pray Or Prey” is a must listen

Coming from the acclaimed group, Little Brother, Big Pooh is here with another lyrical track that truly emphasizes his skill. Way back in 2000, Pooh linked up with 9th Wonder and Phonte to make the group that set them all up for fame. They had that connection to the “golden age” of hip hop which really caused their rise to fame to spark as soon as they hit the charts. Pooh wanted to start his own solo career on the side of the group and get his own career off.

This lyrical track is perfectly backed by a J Cole vibe beat and is sure to get your attention. His demanding flow rips through the lyrics and points out the fact that he is hungry for more. The melodic head nodding beat fits his voice perfectly and allows him to show his skill. Check out this track below.




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