Late rapper, Lil Peep’s latest video “Runaway” Off his soon to release album is here.

The late, influential artist Lil Peep has had his newest video “Runaway” released. Although the rapper had passed away late last year, his legacy still lives on in music through his friends and family that have been making sure his music will be released for his fans. He was widely known in the industry through his trippy music videos and emo rap; being friends with many other artists, Lil Peep touched many people’s hearts and his music will live on.

This video for his track “Runaway” is another to add to his list of well produced, unique, and awesome productions. This track is backed with a guitar and drums amongst many other instruments. The lyrics on this track are super deep and give the listener insights onto how Peep felt about society. He states “why does everybody act like they care”, speaking on how truly fake people are in this world. Check out this unique video below.



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