The next music video for “Life Is Beautiful” is another hit off of Lil Peep’s upcoming project

Lil Peep may have passed away last year, but his legacy is still living on through his music. His newest album is scheduled to come out this upcoming Friday and today another music video for one of the tracks called “Life is Beautiful”. Peep was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Long Beach in hopes of pursing his career in the music industry. It took him some time to gain traction, but he his music will live on forever even after his accidental death late last year.

This music video is comprised of deep and dark lyrics backed with a visual of Peep singing it. Peep speaks on the hypocrisy of life and how truly hard it is for everyone. Singing that he thinks life is beautiful while talking about the dark side and struggles of life, shows the viewer how hard life is, but that one should always keep a positive. Check out this trippy video from the late but great rapper Lil Peep.



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