Tommy Newport Album

Tommy Newport ‘Just To Be Ironic’ (Album)

Kansas singer and songwriter Tommy Newport has a sound beyond his years with his Just to Be Ironic album. At the age of 18, Tommy has his own sound and has crafted a cohesive sounding project. Not only does he play all the instrumentation on the album, but lyrically Newport impresses by playing into his irony theme. Standout tracks include but are not limited to “Bad choice My Boy”, “Just to Be Ironic” and “Do You Wonder Why.” Tommy stated via email that “This record was the most fun I’ve had making music, it’s the first time I’ve had people really look over it and help the creative side on it and it was great to step out of that box…” Tommy is off to a great start thus far, we’re excited to track his progression with his music along his journey.

Stream Tommy Newport’s latest album ‘Just to Be Ironic” below.

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