Interested in becoming a Plug Society ambassador and joining the team? We’re offering different ways to get involved and get some stuff for yourself. Essentially it works like this, we provide you with your own custom link to tell your friends and get things situated. You get your friends to sign up, then we give you some awesome perks and stuff.

Here’s what you’ll get with your sign-ups.


4 Emails: Custom Twitter Banner + Group Chat With Staff + Added To Our List of Ambassadors

    We create a custom Twitter banner for you so everyone know’s you’re involved in The Plug Society as well as add you to our group chat where we talk Plug stuff, new music, and more.

10 Emails: Free Stickers

    We send you some free stickers for all your hard work.

15 Emails: Plug Society Phone Wallet

    We send you an exclusive Plug Society phone wallet to stick on the back of your phone and keep your things close while repping one of your favorite brands.

20 Emails: Plug Society Charging Block Plug

    Pretty clever huh? We have exclusive Plug Society plugs ready to be sent out so nobody ever forgets who the real plug is.

25 Emails: Get Your Favorite Song Featured In Our Email Plus A Shoutout

    In our emails we send out, we’ll feature your favorite song and a write up of your choice to spread the word about that song. As well as publicly congratulating you for all your awesome work.

30 Emails: Plug Society Hat

    That’s right, get strapped up with a Plug Society hat.


45 Emails: Plug Society Tee

Double screen printed, exclusive merchandise available.

80 Emails: Plug Society Hoodie

Embroidered on the front, screen printed on the back. If you have one of these, you’re going to turn some heads.

If you get past 80 emails, shoot us a message and we’ll figure out what else we can do for ya.


The Plug Society 2017.